~created through the alchemy of Ally Van Raden

 Her work in aromatherapy and natural healing has led her to creating Escentsia's original line of wild crafted essential oil blends: now in spas, yoga studios, gift shops and many health food stores.

Yogini Girl Oils & Essences

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She is uniquely gifted as an intuitive and subtle energy healer.  She specializes in using essential oils and flower essences as a holistic approach to healing any emotional, mental, spiritual or physical blockages a client maybe experiencing.

Ally has worked with other healers; those closely connected to the plant and tree kingdom.  This is where her awesome journey began in discovering the healing powers of essential oils and flower essences.

For 15 years she has dedicated her focus to a holistic approach of healing with the medicinal magic of natural elements from the earth.  Noticing the rapid rate and increase of demand and expectations of the world around us and how the overall vibration can cause moments of greater stress, Ally created Escentsia.   These blends are particularly effective for highly sensitive beings.  Sensitive beings are those aware of others, thoughts, feelings and emotions, where you may misidentify as your own.  More often than not, energies that we soak up from our environment and those around us. 

Ally began to develop essential oil and flower essence blends, to support those feeling overwhelmed in any given moment to be able to quickly and effectively shift energy. 

Many now use Yogini Girl blends as a beneficial tool to uplift energy and promote a deeper state of ease, joy and peace by eliciting the transformation of energy. 

As a Reiki practitioner she decided to infuse her Yogini Girl blends with Reiki energy and crystals that add more magic and playfulness to each blend.

It is Escentsia's mission to create aromatic alchemy for all to embody and enjoy. Each blend is a journey in and of itself.

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